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Wix Velo Projects: 200+

Comprehensive member functionality for automated football betting system

Comprehensive subscription functionality for diet and fitness service

Therapist signup, approval, subscription and public profiles

Custom funtionality for an easy to use MP3 browser and checkout

Custom internal tool for content upload

Custom product functionality with conditional content

Custom product gallery functionality

Custom Wix Paid Plan and Wix Store integration for members

Custom Wix Users and Wix Paid Plans implementation

Custom Wix Users implementation

Dyanamic location redirect based on inputs

Dynamic menu functionality

Easy to use pet search system

Improved lead generation by automated form functionality

Member backend for investors

Subscription based toy rental service

Tacking functionality for donations

Secure login through Discord

Small business cataglogue

Filters to browse initiatives

Property sync between two Wix sites

Property sync between two Wix sites

Development of custom charts

Custom triggers for product and cart page

Client document management system

Dynamic property pages and filters

Custom product page for carpet sizing

Password functionaliy for patreon only restricted pages

Memory training system

Music subscription service

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